Travis Roberts

Travis Roberts is a country and Americana singer from Amarillo, Texas. His songs are an eclectic
mix of experiences derived from growing up on the plains of West Texas and in the Smoky
Mountains. Heavily inspired by traditional country artists such as The Stanley Brothers and
Merle Haggard to modern Americana and rock artists such as American Aquarium and Knuckle
Puck, his musical style is not designed to be shoved into any one locker. His lyrical workmanship
has been hard earned despite carrying the nickname “Young Buck” around songwriting circles
in West Texas. Struggling with addiction, anxiety, and depression, Travis Roberts writes country
songs for the common man with a couple dollars in his pocket and a desire for truth in his songs.

Travis Roberts released his first single “Cabin Fever” in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic
(coincidently the beginning of his sobriety journey). Met by positive reviews, he put together a
band of his closest friends called “The Willing Few”. Consisting of Jason Hodges (his first
collaborator), Andrew Fox, and B.J Dyer, The Willing Few brought a modern edge to the
traditional sound of “Cabin Fever” with their sophomore single, “This Too Shall Pass”.

In November of 2022 Travis Won the coveted Blue Light Live Songwriters Showcase in Lubbock,
TX. They are currently recording and playing shows wherever the gas tank takes them.