Kenny Feidler

Local Union was born from the melting pot that is the Dallas music scene. Front man Jonan  Rigsbee and bassist Paul Douglass became friends working as hired guns in 2016. Since then they played in multiple bands across an array of genres together. After the pandemic Jonan and  Paul decided to write the music they wanted to play instead of working for other people. They  recruited multi-instrumentalist Ryan Stogner in the summer of 2022 and the trio wrote what  would become their debut EP Midnight Gospel. They recorded Midnight Gospel at 7013 sound  in Ft. Worth, TX with Clint Kirby (Tyler Halverson, Bonnie Bishop) producing and Grant Wilborn  (Ryan Bingham, Red Shahan) engineering. Local Union rounded out their line up when they  enlisted Trevor Kubie on drums. The four produce a high energy live show with infectious  grooves and smooth harmonies.

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